• Studio


    Ouse is a Recording Studio and Rehearsal space in Armley, Leeds.

    It has a large, nicely balanced-sounding tracking room (great for drums), and is equipped with a range of old and new recording gear (Neve, Focusrite, Calrec, Sytek, DBX, PMC, RME etc.), a great bunch of mics (see a few below), valve amps (Traynor, Fender, Musicman, Marshall, Selmer), Drums (Ludwig, Slingerland, Yamaha) and a load of other instruments/synths/pedals to mess around/make records with.

    Get in touch via the contact page if you’d like to chat about recording/practicing here. Rates are really reasonable with discounts for DIY musicians, charged per project or per day, depending on what makes most sense.


    A selection of mics from the lockers – (left to right) Calrec CB20c/CC50 (high quality SDC made in Hebden Bridge), Sennheiser MD421, Milab DC-196 (Swedish, multi-pattern condenser with a rectangular capsule), Electrovoice RE20, STC 4033 (Ribbon and Dynamic all in one, made for the BBC in the 1950s), Sennheiser MD441, ShinyBox and Crowley and Tripp Ribbon mics and Beyerdynamic M88.